Macroeconomic transmission mechanism of international oil

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His results support the real business cycle theory by proving that supply shocks have greater impacts than demand shocks rooted in oil revenue.

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Journal of Economics and Business 47, 1, 79— The Composition and Structure of Capital: Empirical research confirms that the greater the trade linkage between countries the more coordinated are their business cycles.

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The Relationship Between Exchange Rate and Inflation in Pakistan by Shagufta Kashif Abstract. There has been a long-standing interest in studying the factors that are responsible for uneven vacillation in the stable growth of the world economies.

Macroeconomic Transmission Mechanism of International Oil Price Rise: The Indian Situation In this Article, an effort has been made to trace the impact of an increase in international oil prices on Indian economy outlining the various transmission mechanisms.

Nigeria’s economy has sustained economic growth for a decade, while making strides in diversifying its economy. Yet, it is still heavily dependent on oil revenues, and the recent decline in oil prices has had a major impact on the economy and public finances.

One of the dimensions through which the understanding of the transmission mechanism can be enhanced is through the introduction of a semi-structural macroeconomic model that links the monetary policy stance to economic activity and inflation.

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Macroeconomic transmission mechanism of international oil
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