Bull race in madura island

Madura Island

Races are conducted over rather short courses. Bull Race is one of the very fascinating heritage, comes from the island of Madura.

Far Before the race began, cows are treated like human beings, ranging from eating, bathing and place of residence, do not be surprised this type of cattle can consume dozens of eggs and animal feed special vitamins, and exercise regularly 2 times a week.

Bull Race course also presents different prestige for the audience as Europeans watch the ball, then they watch Madura Bull Race when the season starts rolling. How the cows would stop if the jockey who holds the bat that drove was fitted with spikes, thus causing injury to the cow thigh, and it makes cow getting mad and ran harder and hard to control.

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Each course is about 30 meters wide. The topeng theater, which involves masked performances of classical stories such as the Ramayana and Mahabharatais the Madurese performance art best known outside the island, due to its role as a representative Madurese art form at exhibitions of regional cultures from all over Indonesia.

This is not a rodeo type bull taming. Images of my impending doom swept before my eyes, reminding me quite how bad an idea this had been, but I seemed to be alone in my worries. Music and theater[ edit ] Several forms of music and theater are popular on Madura, particularly among poorer people for whom they provide an inexpensive form of entertainment and community-building.

Cattle -raising is also a critical part of the agricultural economy, providing extra income to peasant farmer families, in addition to being the basis for Madura's famous bull-racing competitions. The Madurese take care of the bulls and compete them in ploughing their fields as soon as possible. He was actually a proselytizer who came to Madura to spread up Islam but also taught Madurese the way of ploughing the fields.

This entrenched culture has lasted hundreds of years and still remain to be implemented as a cultural art that is considered the most prestigious in Madura.

Not infrequently this cow did not stop in time so wide to the field. You can do beach activities like swimming and snorkeling. The beginning of the bullrace originated from the fact that Madura is not so fertile that is not good for agriculture, instead the Madurese cath fish and breed cows and bulls which are also used for farming especially to plough the fields where paddies or second crop plants are grown.

Instead a small boy with a large smile on his face emerged from the crowd who quickly surrounded him. Small-scale fishing is also important to the subsistence economy.

Karapan Sapi : Bull Race Of Madura!, East Java, Indonesia

The money is given away to the women who do the most suggestive dancing. People from Madura were some of the most numerous participants in government transmigration programsmoving to other parts of Indonesia. Pack your bags and visit Madura. So the speed is incredible, and can be air lifted jockey racing along the track.

Exotic Javanese Holiday Begin your journey at Surabaya The classic way to get to Madura is by a ferry, which will take about 35 minutes.

Bull racing in Madura

Surrounding the women, with large smiles on their faces, are old men with stacks of cash from the recent harvest. The main cow racing festival is in the middle of October, but the dates change each year.

Surrounding the women, with large smiles on their faces, are old men with stacks of cash from the recent harvest. Bull race event that is prestigious because the winner from 4 District namely Bangkalan, Sampang, Pamekasan and Sumenep gathering into one to be the fastest Bull Race in Madura Island or even the World (because only in Indonesia for Bull Race event).

The mainland (i.e. the area on Madura Island itself) covers 1, km2 (, inhabitants in ) consisting of 17 districts, while the islands are km2 (, people in ), comprising 9 districts, of islands, 46 inhabited. Oct 12,  · Karapan Sapi or Madura traditional bull race is an annual traditional event, it is such a bull racing tournament.

It usually being held at week end within August to September, or ideally before or after the fasting month. Karapan Sapi (Maduranese bull race) Now you might want to visit Madura at your convenient time, but it is highly recommended that you visit the island between July to October.

Why is that? This the period when Madura’s famous attractions of Karapan Sapi (Maduranese bull. Starting from July, the bull race is traditionally held in towns and villages across Madura. The winners will then race in the larger cities of Madura prior to the peak race in Pamekasan, which will be held in late September or early October.

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Apr 13,  · Re: Madura Bull Races Aug 12,PM Well, Madura is an island, and not a tiny one, it have 4 regency, and all the regency have a Bull race .

Bull race in madura island
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