A biography of placido domingo a spanish tenor

It was the first time onstage that the tenor sang the part of Pollione, one of his rare excursions into the bel canto repertory.

Placido Domingo Biography

I will still continue writing in here but we have lost the "precise info" because some people ignore some of the facts and prefer to quote straight from the internet without thinking of the logic and reasoning. Sorry mate, but your honour without a verifiable and source is worth nothing here.

His wife and children are Mexican nationals. His parents later stayed permanently in Mexico and established their own zarzuela troupe, the Domingo-Embil Company. Im writing about him based on good faith and because I care for him, that is all.

Increasingly substantial numbers of his operatic performances were also shown on television during the s. Among his albums is a box set of every tenor aria Verdi composed, including several rarely performed versions in languages different from the original operas and written only for specific performances.

The company asked Domingo to replace him at 4 p. Please verify and add link to verifiable information source. The film was directed by Ken MacGregor. Complete repertoire Main article: During breaks in his work schedule, he usually spends time with family at his vacation home in AcapulcoMexico.

Domingo's father was half Aragonese and half Catalanwhile his mother was a Basque from Gipuzkoa. Cancelling several performances, Domingo himself labored to rescue survivors. As far as the law is concerned, he is Spanish.

He found La traviata to be "impressive", but expressed displeasure over cuts to the music in Zeffirelli's Otello.

Later inhe debuted as the Conte di Luna in Il trovatore in Berlin.

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In his first performance as a tenor, Domingo replaced the ailing singer, although he feared the part's tessitura was too high for him. I think I was in a tour with my orchestra I think in Eisenstadt when I heard the interview and I think it was broadcasted in an all-classical music austrian radio station.

A son was born within the year, and shortly thereafter the couple separated. On 13 MayDomingo performed during Real Madrid's season-ending celebrations, when the team won their 32nd Spanish league title.

His father played the violin and sang baritone roles the middle range of the male voice, between tenor and bass until he damaged his voice while singing with a cold. His first show was scheduled for October 21,in Carmen, but four days before the show he was asked to fill in in Madame Butterfly for a tenor who was sick.

Couldn't we say that he "is a Spanish tenor" a fact well sourced in the intro and then later in the article highlight the fact that he has ties with Mexico also a fact well sourced. His repertoire now encompasses roles, with more than career performances.

Placido Domingo Biography

Plácido Domingo (Tenor) Born: January 21, - Madrid, Spain The famous Spanish tenor and able conductor, Plácido Domingo, was born to zarzuela singers.

After a tour of Mexico, they settled there and gave performances with their own company. Biography. The more Plácido Domingo has studied, travelled and performed, the deeper his love of music has become.

He maintains an active performing career as singer and conductor in addition to his work as a cultural impresario and entrepreneur. Spanish-born tenor (the highest natural male voice) Placido Domingo's performances are intelligent and olivierlile.com is also a conductor and an accomplished pianist.

Early life José Plácido Domingo Embil was born in Madrid, Spain, on January 21, His parents, Placido Domingo Sr. and Pepita Embil Domingo, met while performing in a zarzuela. Placido Domingo, the Spanish-born tenor has in so many ways proven how much music is part of his daily life.

The multiple awards and accolades he’s received is a sure proof of his immense skills as a singer, conductor administrator. Spanish tenor José Carreras gained international acclaim as an opera singer, and became even more popular with his performances as one of the Three Tenors.

Synopsis José Carreras was born in. Find Plácido Domingo biography and history on AllMusic His first appearance in a leading tenor role was as Alfredo in Verdi's La Traviata in in He conducted La Bohème at the Met, and commissioned the opera Goya, on the life of the great Spanish painter, from Gian-Carlo Menotti, appearing as the painter in the work's premiere in.

A biography of placido domingo a spanish tenor
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Who is Placido Domingo? His Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth